A M S T E R D A M //

WOW. What a weekend. :) I still can't entirely believe that I'm here, but alas! Here I am! This past weekend, we went to Amsterdam. It also happened to be PRIDE week! It was absolutely wild. The best way I could describe the atmosphere was akin to a college game day: music pumping and people dancing, chatting, drinking, and enjoying themselves. At any rate, we enjoyed a wander around and found several wonderful little spots. In Amsterdam, you always seem to walk past a canal. Duck into a back alley, exit said alley, and you're on to another canal. It's incredible. 

Shortly after our arrival, we followed the crowds to Prinsengracht (Prince Canal) to catch a glimpse of the colorful, lively Pride Canal Parade. Next, we stopped into a pub for some quintessential Dutch bitterballen and a beer. After that, we really just... wandered. No hurry, only a loose idea of a destination, and an attitude of curiosity. I truly think that's the best way to explore a city. You really get a feel for the pulse of a place if you're willing to put away your map, walk around, and get a little lost. :) 

For dinner, we stopped at L'Invite, a little gourmet French bistro by a canal (of course it was by a canal). After that, we wandered across a few more canals, observed the remaining remnants of the Pride parties, and walked over to the Rijksmuseum. We didn't go inside this time, but I plan to in the not-so-distant future! :) We got rained on a bit (welcome to Holland) and ducked into to an awesome little whisky bar called Whiskey Cafe L&B, which I would highly recommend! As we meandered back toward the the central train station, a window packed with waffles smothered in chocolate hazelnut, kit kats, and oreos caught our eyes, and we couldn't resist! OH.MY.GOSH. So good! It was the perfect way to wrap up a fun day in Amsterdam. I definitely plan to go back very soon, so stay tuned for more adventures to come!

Doei! (Bye)

NW x